WORKING TO DEFEND NY EMPLOYERS  against  wage  and overtime claims under New York State Labor Law and Federal Law including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

You've worked hard to build your Company &  Business.

However, failure to comply with these complex Federal and New York State wage and labor laws and regulations can seriously harm what you & your Company have worked so hard to build.

Moreover, government and plaintiff's employment lawyers have become increasingly aggressive in enforcing wage and labor laws against companies and businesses, seeking substantial damages, penalties and attorneys fees for alleged minimum wage and overtime violations.

These actions, if not properly handled, can cripple your Company & the Business you've worked so hard to build.

Also, failure to comply with minimum wage and overtime laws can result in your having personal liability for all alleged damages, interest, penalties punitive damages and attorneys fees.

When faced with these matters, your best protection may rest with a New York Employer Wage & Hour Lawyer  knowledgeable about Wage and Hour matters,  who can offer the guidance and take steps directed towards securing  the protection you may need.

New York Labor Law requires all non-exempt employees be paid time and one half for all hours worked more than 40 hours per week. It also sets forth detailed rules governing which employees are deemed exempt. It also requires the employer to maintain detailed employment records showing that all required payments are made.

The FLSA imposes comparable requirements on employers and uses similar definitions in determining whether an employee is exempt or not.

Under laws recently passed, New York wage and labor laws also requires NY company & business employers furnish detailed written notice ot each employee as to how much he/she will be paid.

The laws also require that each employee receive detailed wage statements at each pay period.

New York State Labor Law further imposes severe penalties for failure to comply with these notice requirements.

Nor is the liability for these damages and penalties limited to the business, company or corporation. Rather both the FLSA and New York State Labor Law can impose liability against individual officers of the company or corporation.

The laws regarding these matters are complicated and failure to comply can result in severe financial harm to both your Business and yourself personally.

The best way of dealing with these matters is with prevention. If you have not already done so, a "checkup" with a knowledgeable New York Employer Wage and Hour Lawyer can avoid serious problems down the road.

The government and plaintiff's employment lawyers can sometimes be intimidating.

You should not have to face them alone.

At the first sign of inquiry or problem, your first call should be to a knowledgeable New York Employer  Wage and Hour Lawyer who can work to protect your business, company, corporation  and yourself.

You should not furnish information to the government or plaintiff's employment lawyer regarding these matters without the benefit of an experienced New York Employer Wage and Hour Lawyer.

Our principal, Franklin N. Meyer, is a graduate of Cornell University (New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations) and is experienced in these matters.

Wage and Overtime employment matters pose the risk of significant damages and penalties which can be harmful to your business, company and corporation, and personally devastating to you.

Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities as an Employer, Corporation and Business  is critically important.

We are here to help.

Learn more about how wage and hour lawyers can help you.

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