You've worked hard to build your Corporation and Business.

However, failure to comply with this complex Federal law and regulations can seriously harm the Company you've worked so hard to build.

As an employer, you can establish an employee pension plan. This is ordinarily done to help attract and keep key employees, and help those, who have worked to develop your Company and Business, prepare for retirement.

Pension plans can be solely funded by the employer or can also require employee contributions. Plans can either be defined contribution plans or a defined contribution plan; or a plan can share the characteristics of both. A 401k plan is a type of defined contribution plan. Disability pension plans pay benefits when an employee becomes disabled.

Under a Defined Benefit Pension Plan, an employee receives a certain monthly benefit after the employee retires. Under a Defined Contribution Plan, the employer can make  deposits on behalf of the employee, often in the form of matching contributions.

Employer Welfare Plans include health insurance plans and may include other employee benefit programs.

ERISA laws and regulations are very complicated  and failure to comply can cause your business serious harm. A knowledgeable New York Employer ERISA Lawyer can make sense of this and offer you guidance and advice and take other steps intended to protect your business.

Enforcement of ERISA law and regulation is carried out by the United States Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service.

Moreover, the statute provides a private right of action which permits plaintiff's lawyers to sue your Company and  Business alleging violations of ERISA law.

Government and plaintiff's employment lawyers have become increasingly aggressive, seeking substantial damages, penalties and attorneys fees for alleged  violations.

The Government and plaintiff's lawyers can be intimidating.

You should not face them alone.

You should not furnish information to the government or plaintiff's lawyers regarding any of these matters without the benefit of a knowledgeable New York  Employer Lawyer.

At the first sign of inquiry or problem your first call should be to a knowledgeable ERISA Lawyer.

Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer is critically important.

We are here to help.

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