You've worked hard to build your Company and your Business.

The use of the right employment documents can do much to help you protect and grow your Corporation and Business you've worked so hard to build.

As an employer, you may have certain key employees who you want to retain under contract for a specified period of time.  Such agreement can also include protection of confidential business information.  It can also include restrictions on the employee's right to work for a competitor, if and when they leave your employ.

You may wish to have your employees sign an employment agreement without specifying a term; instead reaffirming that the employment is "at will" and can be ended at any time by the employer or employee.

As a first step, it is often useful to ask a knowledgeable New York Employer Contracts Lawyer to advise whether a written employee agreements are the best way to go, and if so what might be included in any proposed agreement.

Employment Contract Law governing these employee agreements is complex and failure to comply with the legal requirements can render them worthless. Also, there are often many subtle details to be considered and which may be very important over the life of the contract.

Accordingly, if you want a written employment agreement, you should have a knowledgeable New York Employer Contracts Lawyer negotiate and prepare the terms of the contract. Such lawyer can also offer the guidance involving employment contract law and employee agreements which may be critical to a successful outcome.

Also you might consider having a company personnel manual and other employment documents setting forth your Company and Business policies and procedures governing vacations, holiday, anti-discrimination policies, discipline and etc.

In considering and preparing such documents, the help of a knowledgeable New York Employer Contracts Lawyer can do much to avoid problems later on. Also, if properly prepared, these documents  can give employees a clear reading of all Company and Business policies and may avoid subsequent claims of arbitrary or discriminatory treatment.

Our principal, Franklin N. Meyer, is a graduate of Cornell University (New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations) and is experienced in these matters.

Labor and discrimination law penalties and damages can be extensive and crippling to your Company, business and yourself.

Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer is critically important.

We are here to help.

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